COMSPOC's Resellers, Delta Mission Partners and Data Providers play a vital role in strengthening COMSPOC's Space Situational Awareness. Together, they enhance our capabilities, extend our reach into diverse markets, and ensure accurate and reliable SSA solutions.

Empowering Businesses Globally

COMSPOC's resellers play a pivotal role in extending our innovative solutions to diverse markets, fueling growth and enhancing reach.


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AGENIUM is a pillar of the Defence and Space industries. We offer solutions in the field of simulation and embedded AI. AGENIUM also innovates in space surveillance with tools such as AG SSA Suite.

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Ansys software extends the reach of multiphysics simulation from designing a semiconductor’s gain element to orchestrating a constellation of satellites — from the microchip to the mission.

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GMSPAZIO provides products, services and training to develop integrated and customized information systems, and customer-tailored software applications and services.

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ITGlobe mainly serves customers in India with their systems needs. The solutions offered range from Space Situational Awareness, Drone/UAVs traffic management, Persistence Surveillance, Simulations of Land, Air, Sea and Space domains, high technology space qualified composites, Space cables, and satellite components etc.

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With over three decades of software development experience, LSAS Tec boasts a team of seasoned engineers and professionals devoted to enhancing mission design and operations in various domains. Specializing in aerospace, the majority of our workforce holds degrees in aerospace and computer science, equipping us with profound insights into industry demands. Our approach revolves around simplifying space software access via cloud-based platforms, enhancing global accessibility, and providing extensive training and assistance. Committed to tailored solutions, our automated processes and integrated ecosystem streamline mission lifecycles, guaranteeing efficiency from inception to execution.

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Nova Systems

Nova Systems is a global engineering services and technology solutions company, partnering with clients to keep our nations and people safe and secure.

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SSA Suite is an unparalleled SSA solution that combines intelligence and agility in a scalable turn-key software platform that catalogues and tracks Resident Space Objects (RSOs) with more accuracy than other options and in real time. 

Collaborating for Customer Success

Discover the innovative companies that power our solutions and drive mutual growth.

Delta Mission Partners

A Delta Mission partner shares a common legacy and heritage with COMSPOC to leverage state-of-the art analytics, with stunning visualization. These partners each have industry-leading decision support tools. Together, they enable all-domain awareness from the sea bed to space.

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Cesium is an open platform for creating 3D applications that are fast, flexible, and based on real-world geospatial data.

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OneSky is a global UAS Traffic Management (UTM) company developing airspace assessment, operations, and traffic management solutions for the aviation industry.

Synergy in Space Safety

Explore the cutting-edge companies fortifying our operations and supporting our mission of accurate and reliable space situational awareness.

Data Providers

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Kratos fields capabilities for national security and communications needs. Kratos Radio Frequency (RF) data services support defense, intelligence and commercial partners, augmenting traditional resources with tools for better understanding of on-orbit threats.

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OurSky is a modern developer platform for space applications. OurSky provides real-time observational data and analysis of objects and activities in space. Built as an open, community-driven resource for the new space age engineer.

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Spaceflux offers Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services using highest-quality data from its proprietary global network of optical sensors which track satellites and debris from LEO to GEO and Cislunar orbits. With up to 70 cm diameter sensors and AI-powered data analysis, it can track objects under 10 cm in size.

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THOTHX supplies Space Domain Awareness (SDA) as a service using our novel deep space radar technology to range and track space objects in high orbits.

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