COMSPOC software empowers you to accomplish space domain awareness (SDA) and space situational awareness (SSA) missions. Our products scale from desktop applications for investigating individual objects to full enterprise-system operations centers that maintain catalogs of hundreds of thousands of objects. The products we offer are the same software that our operations team uses for our SSA services.


Space situational awareness in an off-the-shelf, enterprise package.

SSASuite is a comprehensive space operations center with a services-oriented architecture. This architecture is designed for scalability, reliable performance, full-database integration, secure operations, and web-based user interactions. SSASuite is used by COMSPOC’s operations team in support of worldwide space operations.

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Picture of COMSPOC's Space Situational Awareness (SSA) software dash panel illustrating an object's observation association, it's orbit determination along with conjuction assessements, rendezvous predictions, proximity operations and re-entry.


Simulate space events for Test, Training, and Exercise (TTX) support.

As space becomes an increasingly dangerous environment for satellites, operators must be ready to detect and respond to potential threats. With Space Event Generator (SEG), you can quickly develop high-fidelity simulations of space events to test detection algorithms, train operators, and perform readiness exercises.

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Picture of COMSPOC's Space Event Generator (SEG) dash panel illustrating object's in orbit around the earth detailing their apogee altitude, perigee altitude, eccentricity, inclination and period.


Assess vulnerability to safeguard your space assets.

Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA) helps you determine the risk of a threat object targeting another object. It provides a measure of vulnerability (called the Vanguard Number) that characterizes how likely a specific action is and how soon it could happen.

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Picture of COMSPOC's Space Object Threat Assessment (SOTA) dash panel detailing chase and target vehicles their engagement type and alerts.


Reverse engineer spacecraft maneuvers, and examine and correct observation problems.

Orbit Determination Space Situational Awareness (ODSSA) enables you to solve for the maneuver characteristics of non-cooperative RSOs.

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Picture of COMSPOC's Orbit Determination Space Situational Awareness (ODTK SSA) which illustrates how you can quickly understand real-world maneuvers and accurately reconstruct them to gain insight into mission and intent
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