COMSPOC’s SSA Platform at
Annual Space Symposium

Demos at Booth 824

April 17-20, 2023

Colorado Springs, CO

Demos at Booth 824        |        April 17-20, 2023        |        Colorado Springs, CO

A space domain where all objects are detected, tracked, characterized, and protected.

The US government’s current space situational awareness (SSA) systems are based on technology developed in the 1980s and 1990s. More than a dozen formal attempts to replace this software have failed over the last 34 years, at an approximate spend of $1B each. COMSPOC is a leading global SSA provider with over 30 years of proven operational success. Our platform allows customers to identify, track, alert, and manage potentially dangerous objects in space. COMSPOC is modern and scalable at 1/10th the cost, 1/10th the latency, and 100x more accurate than current systems.

COMSPOC'S podcast image - What the Orbit?  Raising space awareness

Meet our SSA technology experts

Paul Graziani Chief Executive Officer at COMSPOC
Paul Graziani
Chief Executive Officer

Cofounder and former CEO at AGI. Over 50,000 software installations around the world use his innovations, spanning the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities.

Jamie Lockwood
Jamie Lockwood
Executive Officer

Executing hand of COMSPOC CEO Paul Graziani with leadership and personal development expertise. Formally an Associate at TribusAllen, Inc.

Dan Oltrogge Chief Scientist & CSSI Director at COMSPOC
Dan Oltrogge
Chief Scientist & CSSI Director

Chief Scientist & Director of the Center for Space Standards & Innovation. Also Program Mgr. of the Space Data Center. formerly with The Aerospace Corporation.

Michelle Skarr
Michelle Skarr
Sr. Operational Systems Engineer

Maintains COMSPOC’s satellite catalog. Formally Sr. Systems Engineer at KRB and an Orbital Analyst at Northrop Grumman and AGI. USAF and USAF Reserve.

Jim Cooper SSA Solutions Lead at COMSPOC
Jim Cooper
SSA Solutions Lead

Former USAF, SSA Operations Officer, and SSA Senior Advisor to Pentagon leadership. Recognized instructor and presenter in space traffic technology.

Mike Wasson VP & General Manager at COMSPOC
Mike Wasson
VP & General Manager

Formally Sr. Director, DoD Space Operations at AGI. Colonel, USAF (Ret.). Keynote at the Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference.

Sal Alfano
Sal Alfano
Sr. Research Astrodynamicist

Formerly with AGI, The Aerospace Corporation, USAF Research Laboratory, and USAF Academy. VP Analysis, NORAD & US SPACE COM Colonel, USAF (Ret.).

Senjuti Mallick
Senjuti Mallick
Sr. Associate, Compliance & Strategic Partnerships

Legal support for COMSPOC’s global presence and works cross-functionally with key stakeholders across the world. Formally with International Telecommunication Union.

Dave Vallado
Dave Vallado
Sr. Research Astrodynamicist

Formally Associate Editor at Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy and Principal Engineer at Raytheon. AAS Fellow. Lt. Colonel, USAF (Ret.).

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